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Hello Devious, I've been off the site for too looooong. Currently I'm on the PS4 system and Playing Warframe Killzone and Assassins Creed 4, I will be updating the site very soon with a completely different look and feel. I'll keep you all posted...Until Next time keep it DEVIOUS


Hello everyone....Its been awhile since I've been on to put out the latest news, As of right now I'm currently playing FF 14 A realm reborn, as well as BF3 my brother D_V_S_Hamburger is also playing FF 14 as well as Grand Theft Auto 5. As far as the future goes, I'm going to be overhauling this whole website upon the release of the PS4. Till then as always keep it **DEVIOUS** 

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March 25, 2013
Defiance will be on the shelves as of April Second 2013, I have already bought the game via pre order and have played the Beta, it is a great FPS/MMO. I will post more about Clan activity as it becomes available. Till Next Time ***DEVIOUS***

I Shall Return To The Field Soon

October 27, 2012
Its been a long time since I've been on the field but not to fret I will be back in action soon enough, just putting some of the finishing touches onto the Role Playing Games and then off to battle once again..Till I see you on the field keep it ***DEVIOUS***
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Mixing It Up A Bit

October 14, 2012
I know alot of you BF3 Players are asking yourself where is Annihilati well I am mixing it up and taking a break from the FPS, and focusing my time on some RPG playing. Currently White Knight Chronicles 2 is worth its weight in Gold, The game is fully loaded with side quests multiplayer as well as you can build your own City's. Its like Final Fantasy meets The Sims. But for all you hardcore FPS players I will be back in action at some point...Till Then KEEP IT ***DEVIOUS***
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Training Time

September 11, 2012
It's training time @ Devious, after two Clan losses in a row somthing has to change. D_V_S is a force to be reckond with. I have been in clan battles since the early turn of the Millinia and have only lost a battle three times and its sad but DoG and WeeD are two of those three. Now keep in mind that is due to my own lack of understanding the BF3 Mecanics. So now I as well as other leaders in Platoon DeViOuS as well as D_V_S_OnEs are starting advanced Training on all fronts to better our chan...
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August 16, 2012
[DVS] vs [WEED]: Thursday August 16th 9pm EST [WEED] server.
MAPS: Metro/ Seine Crossing/ Kharg Island/ Caspian/ Grand Bazzar
Gameboy- Squad Leader
Lord- Squad Leader
Anni.- Squad Leader

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What is DVS_OnEs

August 11, 2012
D_V_S_OnEs is a new platoon started on BF3, Hamburger started it for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that training for new recruits is needed, plus he's putting DEVIOUS back in the name DEVIOUS this clan over the past few years has forgotton some of its roots and Hamburger made a choice to bring back some of the old with the new. Now I know alot of people are asking LordHigh for awnsers to what this clan is ? LordHigh as well as Lady and a few others have done a stellar job at making...
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Battle Lost

August 11, 2012
We Lost our battle with the DoG clan however training is now top priority so we will be ready next time
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Suit Up For Battle

July 23, 2012
DoG 12vs12 Clan Battle General Information
Battle begins at 10pm EST in DoG server
All Leaders must meet in DVS server at 9pm EST
Remaining members must report by 9:45 or your spot will be filled with a member on stand by. DVS server will be set on private, password will be sent to all participants. Original Post From BattleLog

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Getting the website together

July 13, 2012

I've been working hard on the website in my spare time to get the much needed BF3 page up and going. I also aadded a text chat and a comment box, however I may remove both because there not quite right. I will be adding a COD MW3 page in the comming weeks. Hope you all enjoy. ***DEVIOUS***

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Website Changing

June 26, 2012

Hey all, I'm currently re-building the website, or should I say giving it a much needed update. Anyway I will be working on it from time to time in the next couple of weeks. New backgrounds, updated clan memberships/Leaders. I'm also working really hard on getting live chat using either Google or Teamspeak 3 I will send all members a text via the PSN when it is up and running. As always keep it ***DEVIOUS***

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