D_V_S_OnEs is a new platoon started on BF3, Hamburger started it for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that training for new recruits is needed, plus he's putting DEVIOUS back in the name DEVIOUS this clan over the past few years has forgotton some of its roots and Hamburger made a choice to bring back some of the old with the new. Now I know alot of people are asking LordHigh for awnsers to what this clan is ? LordHigh as well as Lady and a few others have done a stellar job at making platoon DEVIOUS what it is, with thirty plus members it was time to branch Hamburger and I did the same thing in other games, this is for the benifit of all members, for instance everyone wants clan battle's however there are only a limited amount of people who can play in one platoon so instead of having 12 we have 24 together. Another plus to having this Platoon is we can battle each other for practice before going into a clan battle. There is alot more to add but that will be discussed during the meeting which will be held soon.