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Hello Devious, I've been off the site for too looooong. Currently I'm on the PS4 system and Playing Warframe Killzone and Assassins Creed 4, I will be updating the site very soon with a completely different look and feel. I'll keep you all posted...Until Next time keep it DEVIOUS


Hello everyone....Its been awhile since I've been on to put out the latest news, As of right now I'm currently playing FF 14 A realm reborn, as well as BF3 my brother D_V_S_Hamburger is also playing FF 14 as well as Grand Theft Auto 5. As far as the future goes, I'm going to be overhauling this whole website upon the release of the PS4. Till then as always keep it **DEVIOUS** 

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D_V_S_Clan Inlistment

Posted by D_V_S_Annihilation on Monday, October 26, 2009,
I'm Still waiting for Aplications to the clan to come in, in the meen time, for all of you getting M.A.G. talk to the people on your friend lists and see if they would like to join, all they have to do is contact either D_V_S_Hamburger or Myself. Till Next time **DEVIOUS**
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Wanna play M.A.G before it comes out!!!!!! heres how.....

Posted by Annihilation on Monday, October 19, 2009,

All you have to do is go into a GameStop and Pre Order the game M.A.G. they will in turn give you a promo code for the Beta Test Demo, then you can play the game online, the times vary when you can play depending on where you live. Its a big download about 4 GiGs. Thats all for now, See yall In The Games**DEVIOUS**

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Its Time For A Update.

Posted by Annihilation on Thursday, October 15, 2009,
Many people have heard that the PlayStation Network will cost money, Well heres what I know. I wrote to PSN and they basicly told me that at this time they had no comment, either way, for now its free, but who knows in the future maybe it will cost. I will keep you all updated as news comes to me from S.C.E.A. ***DEVIOUS***
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Game Day

Posted by D_V_S_Annihilation on Saturday, October 10, 2009,

As we all know Saturday and Sunday are big game days around the U.S. its a good time to get your Leveling on and to just relax after a week at the Job. I'll be seeing you online-**DEVIOUS**

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Heres the latest News for the D_V_S_Clan

Posted by D_V_S_Annihilation on Friday, October 9, 2009,
Currently I'm Working out all the bugs on the website. M.A.G. seems to be the next game to get. It's a 256 Multiplayer game made by Zipper Interactive, The game makers that brought you SOCOM. Check out all the Stats at http://www.zipperinteractive.comor visit the M.A.G. website at http://www.mag.comcheck in often for I D_V_S_Annihilation will be posting new news from time to time.***DEVIOUS***
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